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Pomellato 67 - Rondelle Chain Necklace 52cm (Silver/Marcasite) Necklace

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Where to buy Pomellato 67 - Rondelle Chain Necklace 52cm (Silver/Marcasite) Necklace with reviews.
Introduce minimalist beauty and charm into your style with the fabulous Pomellato 67 Rondelle Chain Necklace. ; Sterling silver. ; Toggle closure with marcasite stones. ; Imported. Measurements: ; Chain Circumference: 18 in ; Adjuster Length: 2 in ; Pendant Width: 3 5 in ; Weight: 7 oz...
Pomellato 67, Rondelle Chain Necklace 52cm, C.B220TMA/A/52, Jewelry Necklace General, Necklace, Necklace, Jewelry, Gift, zappos,,

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